Parent Involvement

At Royal Oak School we value and appreciate parent involvement. We recognize the important role parents and guardians play in a child's education and the operation of our school. The following guidelines may clarify the district principles of parent involvement.


Parents and guardians are welcome in the school at all times. To ensure that our school environment is safe, all visitors should report to the office (even if you are just picking up your child for an appointment). We will avoid disturbing classes in session by having your child report to the main foyer. You can expect any staff member to approach you if they see you in the halls and will check if you have visited the office.


Positive and constructive communication among parents, students, and teachers is an essential part of your child's education On a regular basis, five times yearly, you will receive information concerning your child's progress. The school encourages parents to inform teachers of children's success in community endeavors. As well, there will be regularly scheduled opportunities for parents, students, and teachers to conference together. If you wish to meet with a teacher, please email or phone the teacher directly to set up an appointment. This will ensure quality time set aside for this important and confidential activity.

School Involvement

All parents/guardians of Royal Oak students are members of the Royal Oak Parent Advisory Council (PAC). PAC meetings are scheduled monthly with dates posted on the school website [].

At the beginning of each school year our PAC will circulate requests for parent volunteers. Opportunities to volunteer or participate on committees varies throughout the year. Participation varies from discussion of educational issues to supporting operational needs. Teachers may make direct requests for support from parents. Punctuality and confidentiality are expected when working around students in a volunteer capacity.

Clarifying Questions and Solving Problems

Middle school students have questions about everything. As parents and teachers we know that changes in their lives often create situations that require clarification and guidance. At home these questions often center around responsibilities and expectations. At school these questions, such as what was for homework or when are assignments due, are similar. Clarifying these questions can be done most effectively when parents, teachers, and students meet together. Please send a written note or telephone your child's teacher requesting a conference and indicating the topic you wish to discuss. As well, finding solutions to problems is most often successful when people work directly with each other in a supportive and constructive manner. Once again, please contact your child's teacher by phone or email to set-up a problem solving conference. If the problem solving conference does not achieve satisfactory results, our school's administration will be happy to participate and lend their perspective to the situation.

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