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PAC Fundraisers

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PAC Fundraisers
by Nancy Puckett - Friday, 16 October 2015, 9:20 AM

PAC will be selling Halloween tickets next week on Thursday at lunchtime.  

Grade 8 gear order forms will go home with grade 8 students the next couple days for those that haven't ordered grade 8 gear. Orders are due by Tuesday, November 26th. 

A reminder that both Halloween tickets and grade 8 gear may also be purchased online. . 

Parents, there are many ways to support your Royal Oak PAC. Thanks to the businesses that sponsor fundraising for our school.

1. PENINSULA CO-OP NUMBER. (58597) Put this number in your phone and don't forget to use it when you pay at the gas station or grocer.

2. Country Grocer receipts: Save your receipts as PAC can earn gift cards to Country Grocer. The collection envelope is hanging by the PAC Bulletin Board at school.

3. COBS bread PAC participates in the COBS bread fundraising program. Mention Royal Oak when you go in and 5% will go back to our school with every purchase.

4. Tru Value Grocery Store in Cordova Bay Please mention Royal Oak, number 37. Tru Value donates a portion of every transaction to the local community.