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by Taylor Musgrave - Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 8:07 AM


Choose your week:
  1. March 15-19
  2. March 22-26
Available Programs:
  1. Lego Robotics | Ages 6-9 | WED0 2.0 Software | $350
  2. Lego Robotics | Ages 10-14 | Mindstorms EV3 | $350
  3. Game Design & Minecraft Modding | Ages 8-12 | $365
Lego Robotics (Ages 6-9, 10-14)
Come take your building skills to the next level while learning about gears, motors, and sensors.  Dive into the basics of engineering with a teammate and use LEGO(r) construction kits to build and program exciting interactive machines that move, react, and make sounds! Everything from an alarm clock to a race car! No previous programming experience is required.

Game Design & Minecraft Modding (Ages 8-12)
This camp will help kids develop their creativity and turn their imaginations into reality. Participants will do everything from planning a storyboard for their game, designing their own characters, creating unique environments to programming a showdown with the final boss! Each participant will be given a USB stick to save their game onto to take home with them at the end of the program.

Transform the way you experience the game by learning how to mod by creating different custom objects. You will program and test each mod you create thus adding a new level of gameplay to your Minecraft experience.

Address: 3-740 Discovery St
Drop Off: 8:30am - 9:00am
Pickup: 5:00pm
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COVID Safety
As these camps are in-person, Quadratic Sound and its affiliates will be observing COVID-19 procedures to ensure the safety of everyone attending. Our instructors will be wearing masks at all times, our equipment and facilities will be regularly sanitized, hand sanitizers will be available, social distancing will be respected among participants, and only one family will be allowed in at a time to pick up/drop off their kids. 

In our Lego Robotics programs, participants will be in bubbles of two and each bubble will be 6ft apart from each other. The equipment will not be shared with the other groups during the session. In our Game Design & Minecraft Modding program, participants will be in their own bubble and they will not share any of the equipment during the session.