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Royal Oak Morning Announcements - January 19, 2021

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Royal Oak Morning Announcements - January 19, 2021
by Taylor Musgrave - Tuesday, 19 January 2021, 9:03 AM

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Info for students...

  • ROMS Volleyball - Sign up for the ROMS Volleyball has now started. Please see Mr. Ravenhill in Room 120 to sign up and get your permission form. Space is limited, first come first serve!

Parent Info…

  • Yearbook - ROMS 2020/2021 Yearbook Pre-Orders are now happening and will be accepted until Thursday, April 1st! Order forms available from the office and on our website.

  • Grade 8 Baby Photos - Please email a baby photo (0 to 5 years) to Ms. Palermo (ROMSGRADE82021@gmail.com) by Friday, January 31.

PAC Info…

  • PAC Meeting - January 20th at 7pm. (Virtual Meeting though ZOOM). There will be a couple guest speakers from Claremont addressing the Grade 8 Transition.


Meeting ID: 639 4699 7131

Passcode: 445473

Link: https://gvsd61.zoom.us/j/63946997131?pwd=UWdMNGVWK2s5OVN2VXZhYW RjMTQvdz09 


  • ROMS Lunch Program - The ROMS Lunch Program is looking for volunteers to provide a dozen PURCHASED baked goods every week to supplement the program as it provides lunches to those that would go without. These items must come from a commercial bakery and cannot be home baked goods (eg.Thrifty's instore bakery). Please make every effort to provide as "healthy" of a snack as possible (muffins, cookies, loaves, etc.). Please no cupcakes, cakes or other items with icing. Items can be dropped in the office. Thank you so much for your generous donations, the kids appreciate your effort!

See the link below to sign up:

Sign up

Important Dates to Remember...

Feb 12 - Non-Instructional Day

Feb 15 - Family Day Stat