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Royal Oak Morning Announcements - November 12, 2020

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Royal Oak Morning Announcements - November 12, 2020
by Taylor Musgrave - Thursday, 12 November 2020, 9:00 AM

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Info for students...

  • Grade 8 Hoodies - Today is the last day for grade 8 Hoodie forms. Please hand them into your teacher or drop off in the office.

PAC Info...

Grade 8 Hoodies: Please submit your order form and cheque to your classroom teacher. Please click the link to see what it will look like.
Cheques made payable to ROMS PAC
Orders Due: Thursday, Nov 12, 2020
Any questions please Contact Courtney Lloyd courtneylloyd1226@gmail.com

Important Dates to Remember...

Nov 18 - PAC meeting

Nov 20 - Non-instructional Day