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PAC Meeting: June 10th at 7pm (Virtual Meeting through ZOOM)

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PAC Meeting: June 10th at 7pm (Virtual Meeting through ZOOM)
by Taylor Musgrave - Tuesday, 2 June 2020, 11:45 AM

PAC Meeting: June 10th at 7pm (Virtual Meeting through ZOOM) 

Meeting ID: 988 3925 9969
Password: 209009
Link: QT09

PAC Meeting Agenda
June 10th, 2020
Welcome Grade 5 Parents
● Territorial Acknowledgement
● Administration Report
● Approval of the Agenda and call for additional discussion items
● Approval of May’s minutes
● President’s Report
● Vacant PAC Exec positions for 2020/21
● Treasurer’s Report
● COPACS update
● Grade 8 Farewell update
● Fundraising - School Supplies etc. for Fall
● Staff Appreciation

 Additional Discussion Items

Please review our PAC Executive for 20/21.

Executive members remaining at ROMS next year have agreed to remain in their existing positions until an election meeting in the fall. The positions below are for those that will be vacant but if anyone is interested in any of the executive positions please contact Getting involved in PAC is a great way to get involved in the school community and assist with opportunities for our children.

Executive 2020/21 Co-Presidents - Luanne Richardson and Lena Palermo
Vice-President - VACANT
Treasurer - Don Mellings
Secretary - Jenny Eastman
Volunteer Co-ordinator - Courtney Lloyd
Communications - VACANT
Grant Writer - Alayne Bygradyr- McCoy to write for June 2020 but then VACANT Member at Large,
Lunch Program - Elisa Greenway and one position VACANT
Grade 8 Liasons - Courtney Lloyd and Lena Palermo
Member at Large Country Grocer Receipts - Shannon Eastman
Member at Large Thrifty’s Smile Cards - Emily Scott