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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning
by Elizabeth Rayner - Friday, 3 April 2020, 3:47 PM

Hello Royal Oak families,

We here at the learning commons are sad that we can't be putting new books in your hands after the break.  While we don't have physical books to lend, we are still a "learning commons" and so are here to support you!

Parents and students: we have curated a list of resources to support you and your teachers in all subject areas.  Some of this may overlap with things your teachers are sending out, and that's okay!  There's also lots of literacy resources, including ebooks, audiobooks, and non-fiction quick reads to keep you in the reading habit:


This list will be growing and changing, so refer back to it often!  It also contains a link to the BC Digital Classroom login information, so look for that if your teachers want you to be using World Book and other databases!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay reading!

Ms. Rayner and Ms. Draijer