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Bug fixed! Online Ordering for School Supplies

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Bug fixed! Online Ordering for School Supplies
by ROMSPAC Exec - Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 10:33 PM

Hello Parents, Staples has fixed a problem in their online ordering process for school supplies. It should be working smoothly now! 

Deadline for order your child's school supplies is July 21st.

1. Go to 

2. Click on "Place Your Order here" in the horizontal menu bar

3. WITH CODE (Faster) - Enter the appropriate code under "REFERENCE NUMBER" (codes listed below) or, 

    WITHOUT CODE - If you don't have your code, simply select province, city, school, grade and kit via the drop down menus.

4. You will automatically be shown the kit list (if it doesn't appear, try clicking on "CONFIRM SELECTION") so you can review your list and the price,

    or you can go back to choose a different kit option if you wish.

5. Once you have reviewed your list, click on "PROCEED TO PAYMENT"

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Grade 6 Kit 1 - 9FD090E1-6119

Grade 6 Kit 2 - 3F105BE0-61200 

Grade 6 Kit 3 - DA7E0640-61201 

Grade 7 Kit 1 - 4DEBDA03-61203

Grade 7 Kit 2 - AF6CAC01-71204   

Grade 7 Kit 3 - 9227AC47-71205  

Grade 8 Kit 1 - F44B0A57-71209

Grade 8 Kit 2 - F645F91A-71215

Grade 8 Kit 3 - 18D4F099-71222

PDFs with more info, prices and lists by grade:

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8