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Bake Sale - Grade 8 Farewell Fundraiser

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Bake Sale - Grade 8 Farewell Fundraiser
by ROMSPAC Exec - Monday, 21 January 2019, 9:14 AM


When:     Friday February 1st

Time:      11:23-11:38am  & 1:16-1:56pm   (First recess and lunch recess)

Where:    ROMS canteen 

This will be one of the final fundraisers for the grade 8 farewell party so we are asking for any grade 8 parents that are able to bake and deliver their baked goods to the school on Friday February 1st from 8:30-9am
Volunteers will be outside the office to accept baked goods. 

Please label any items as gluten free, peanut free, or dairy free, otherwise, all baked goods will be accepted! And don’t forget to send money with your child that day to purchase these yummy treats!

Grade 8 Farewell team