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by Nancy Puckett - Friday, 1 May 2015, 8:40 AM
A new PAC executive will be elected at the AGM on May 27th

A number of our 2014/15 Exec team members have indicated an interest in running for re-election. We also have some people already nominated for positions and there are a couple vacant PAC exec spots left to fill.

Although there are parents running for re-election, please feel free to submit nominations for any position.

Current Exec members running for re-election:
Co-Presidents - Barb Collombin and Lynn Works
Member at Large (School Planning Council) - Janis Chow

Positions that have nominations recorded*:
Vice President - * Parent nomination already submitted
Treasurer - * Parent nomination already submitted 
Secretary - * Parent nomination already submitted

Vacant positions currently without a nomination:
Member at Large (Communications)
COPACS Representative

A brief overview of the vacant positions are listed below.  Please send nominations to Paula Bernard at:  Voting and elections will be held at the PAC AGM on May 27. Per our PAC constitution, any exec position may be shared between two people. (except the treasurer position) 

1. Member at Large (Communications)The communications member at large will assist with certain aspects of PAC communication. Main responsibilities include updating the PAC facebook page currently in place, coordinating announcements through the school and PAC page updates on the Royal Oak website. 

2. COPACS RepresentativeThe COPACS Representative maintains a liaison between the ROMS PAC and COPACS (The Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils of Saanich).  The representative/s attends a monthly COPACS meeting and reports back to ROMS PAC. 
If you cannot commit to a PAC exec position, there will be many more volunteer opportunities.