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The Canadian Centre for Child Protection; program

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The Canadian Centre for Child Protection; program
by Nancy Puckett - Thursday, 6 November 2014, 10:07 PM
The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, through its
program, is informing the public about an app called Communet:
Student Chats & Confessions currently trending with youth in
Canada. The app allows users to anonymously post comments under
sections that are broken out by school name. In many cases, youth
are being singled out by name in comments used for personal attacks
related to appearance, sexuality, race, threats or harassment. 
We encourage parents to have an open and honest discussion with
their children about cyberbullying and harassment to limit the harmful
impacts of this extremely concerning online activity. If a
parent/guardian becomes aware of her/his child using the app on a
personal device, we highly recommend the parent/guardian discuss
and advise his/her child to discontinue use of the app and remove it.
Parents encountering issues with this app are also strongly
encouraged to notify their child’s school to ensure those regularly
intersecting with your child are attuned to any issues being faced
among peers.
The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has also created a number
of new resources for educators related to cyberbullying to address
the diverse and complex nature of this type of online activity. For
more information on these resources, visit Kids in the Know. We
encourage everyone to get involved in addressing the issue of
cyberbullying and pass on information related to these valuable
Regards,, Canada's tipline operated by the Canadian Centre for
Child Protection