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Introductory Female Box Lacrosse

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Introductory Female Box Lacrosse
by Nancy Puckett - Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 2:40 PM

Introductory Female Box Lacrosse at Pearkes Fieldhouse: 

  • Sunday, Oct 26
  • Wednesday, Nov 12 (7-9 only)
  • Sunday, Nov 23
  • Saturday, Dec 13

These bookings are for 6-9, so we will be breaking into two groups…

  • ·         6-7:30 for girls PeeWee and younger (born in or since 2004)
  • ·         6:30 - 9 for the older girls (born before 2004) 

For parents that have girls in both age groups you can have them both attend either session or if you can’t make the session they would normally be in they can also attend the other session…..we are just using this as a way to easily divide the group and ensure there is equipment and room for all the girls.

 These are NO CONTACT sessions and we provide the sticks and all you need is runners and a water bottle!

 These are introductory sessions….so it isn’t too late to start at any session.... and bring along a friend if there is someone that is interested. We do need a parent to complete a form completed so if you are bringing a friend then I can provide a copy of the form in advance for the parent to sign.

We are very excited about the prospects for the Vancouver Island Female League in 2015 and would ask that you help spread the word as we want to make sure we have lots of girls involved as we will find a place for all that want to play.  The league playing season is in the Spring the same as the boys, with registration starting in January.

 If you have any questions/concerns, just ask and I’ll try to find the information for you…