Personal Electronic Devices


Royal Oak School is a place of “school business”.  Cell Phones and electronic devices can be used to support educational purposes in appropriate ways at the direction of the supervising staff.  Phones and electronic devices can distract others and self if used inappropriately. It is important to use devices in appropriate ways at appropriate times.  We expect students to be a good digital citizen at all times.

Permitted with Teacher Permission

Not Permitted

  • Cell phones in classrooms.

  • Do not have phone in the hallways, Learning Commons, washrooms or change rooms.

  • Ear buds in classroom during independent work only. Not permitted at all during instruction time.

  • Do not take photos or videos of other students (unless with teacher permission for school project).

  • Printing from a device.

  • Do not post photos or videos taken at school on social media.

  • Sharing work from a device.

  • No video streaming unless teacher permission for specific educational research.

  • Phones on “Silent Mode” at all times.

  • No music streaming.

  • No ear buds or headphones in hallways.

  • No on-line gaming.

  • No Cell phone usage at Recess and Lunch activity times


  • Inappropriate usage-first offense-will result with the phone being taken to the office and the student will be permitted to pick it up at end of the school day.   

  • If misuse continues and a second offense occurs, then phone use will be prohibited and parents will be required to pick up the phone from the school office.

Last modified: Thursday, 18 February 2021, 9:50 AM