Routines and Procedures

Royal Oak has a number of procedures that aid in the smooth running of the school. Please do your best to follow these.

Safe Arrival A Safe Arrival system is used to protect the children in our attendance area. All students are included in this program as a safety measure. Whenever your child is going to be absent or late, please email or call 250-479- 0999 available 24 hours. If the school is not notified when your child is absent or late, you will be called at home, work or cell phone to verify his/her absence. Every effort will be made to contact parents. However, if no immediate contact is made with a parent, messages will be left on the numbers called. This is a time consuming and worrisome process, so please contact Safe Arrival if your child will be late or absent.

Sign IN and OUT Any time you are late, you must sign in at the office. When you need to leave early for an appointment, you must sign out and then sign back in again if you return the same day. A note or parent/guardian personal visit must accompany every sign-out. Students may not leave the school without parent/guardian permission. We have a 'closed campus' policy.

Sickness or Injury Please report to the office immediately and you will be admitted to the medical room. We have staff members qualified in First Aid. We will call your parents to come and get you if you are very sick and/or send you to the hospital. Please have an emergency contact name & number that can be reached during the day in case of emergency. Please report all accidents to the office.

Student Support If you need help with your school work, or have a personal concern, there are lots of ways Services to get support. Don't be afraid to ask Homeroom Teachers, the Youth & Family Counsellor, Teacher Counsellors, Administrators, or any school staff member to lend a hand. At Royal Oak we all work together to support one another.

Lockers and Locks All students at Royal Oak Middle School will be issued a locker on the first few days of school. Grade 6 students must purchase a new lock through their homeroom teacher. 

If Grade 7 and 8 students do not have a school lock from the year prior, they must purchase one from the office. These locks are the property of the student, but if needed, enable school administration to enter a locker.

Starting the Day Our school opens at 8:55 a.m. each day. Students are to remain outside prior to the school opening. The administration or other staff will welcome students into the school each morning. Students who are in the school prior to the school opening, must be supervised by a teacher or have permission to be in the building. In cases of extremely poor weather, the administration will encourage students to enter the school early and wait in the multi-purpose room. At the beginning of the day, prior to morning announcements, all personal belongings such as back packs, extra clothing, hats, and all Personal Electronic Devices (turned off) must be stored in your locker. All class materials are to be gathered together for the two blocks following each break, morning blocks 1 & 2, Recess, block 3, Lunch & block 4.

Announcements Announcements occur during homeroom period, at recess break and on ROMS TV at lunch, plus they are posted on the school website. These announcements are very important for students to gain information in regard to any changes in the regular routine. They also provide students with information about clubs and activities.

Expectations at Recess Recess takes place between blocks 2 and 3. The purpose of our morning recess is to encourage students to engage in meaningful activities. During this time students should eat a snack, take a washroom break, get some fresh air, and gather materials needed for the next block of instruction.

Lunch Procedures Our first expectation is that students bring a healthy lunch each day. Students will eat their lunch in their class with their teacher during Advisory/Eat/Reading time. Pizza is for sale on most Fridays throughout the year, sold from the canteen. During Lunch Activity time students are expected to be outside or in designated activity areas indoors.

Healthy Schools Royal Oak Middle School recognizes its responsibility in cooperation with the home and community, to encourage healthy lifestyles. We acknowledge the important role that nutrition plays in the development and performance of individuals. Royal Oak will promote healthy eating through nutrition education, our physical education program and our food and beverage sales.

Closed Campus Royal Oak Middle School has a closed campus policy. This means that once you arrive at school you remain on the school grounds in appropriate areas for the remainder of the school day. Students needing to sign out must do so through the main office. A written note from your parent or guardian is required. All parent and adult visitors are required to report to the office where they are signed in and given a visitor's pass which is worn in a visible manner. Our campus is, however, closed to your friends during the school day.

Learning Commons The Learning Commons is an important part of the school. In order that all who use the Learning Commons may receive maximum benefit, students are asked to:

  • respect the learning commons as a study area

  • sign out all materials except those marked 'reference'

  • return materials on time

  • treat resources with care

  • refrain from eating in the Learning Commons

  • pay for any lost materials

Lost & Found Clearly write your name on all of your personal items. If you misplace books, etc., check for them in the rooms in which you have classes. Textbooks turned into the office will be given to the subject teacher. Valuables turned into the office are held in the Lost & Found. Unclaimed articles of clothing will be donated periodically to a charity. During PE, please store all your jewelry/valuables/cell phones in your locker, not in the PE change room.

Telephone With the teacher's permission, students are permitted to use the phone in their homeroom. Please do not ask to use the office phone except in an emergency or if the student is going home sick. In the event a student receives a call, they will be paged at break. Cell phones can be used before and after school with teacher's permission, otherwise they are stored in the locker.

Valuables We encourage students to keep valuables locked in their lockers, thereby minimizing the temptation of theft. Do not bring large sums of money to school and NEVER leave money or valuables in the PE change rooms. If possible we will help to recover missing things, but the school cannot assume responsibility.

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