School Goals

School Goals: To improve students' engagement in their school community and to improve students' intellectual engagement.

School Mission: Royal Oak is an inclusive and vibrant community of learners where each member of the school community is engaged both socially and intellectually. School community members demonstrate a sense of ownership and strive to maintain a safe and caring culture where everyone has the opportunity to reach their learning potential.

School Context: Royal Oak Middle School is home to students from semi-rural and urban locations. We border the Victoria city limits and the Saanich Peninsula. Students attending Royal Oak come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Students come to Royal Oak from Prospect Lake Elementary, Cordova Bay Elementary, and Lochside Elementary as well as a variety of other schools throughout the city. Royal Oak is known for its dedicated staff and innovative educational practices. The focus is on student learning and encouraging students to take an active role in their own learning process. Students learning is supported though the use of technology, a fully updated learning commons, and the use of inquiry-based learning in classrooms. At Royal Oak, we also recognize the need for middle years learners to feel a sense of belonging and safety at school. Staff directly address social-emotional learning and support students by teaching problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the diverse array of extra-curricular activities offered at Royal Oak. Royal Oak is a great place to learn and grow.

3 Rs
All students at Royal Oak Middle School have a right and responsibility to ensure that they, as well as others,
practice the 3 Rs:

  • RESPECTFUL to ourselves, others, and this place.
  • RESPONSIBLE citizens and learners.
  • RESOURCEFUL citizens and learners.
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