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Thurs. April 2 Assignment Post 1

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Thurs. April 2 Assignment Post 1
by Angie Noel - Thursday, 2 April 2020, 9:05 AM

I emailed families Wednesday evening with the first assignment for this week.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  I am still your teacher and here for you always!  Look to the email for more details but here is a summary of your assignment.  It has two parts.

Assignment 1

Your Task:

1. Brainstorm who is working in our community right now​ and research to find out what jobs are considered essential services. (This includes grocery workers, truck drivers etc...think of all the services we need)
2. Write a list of these jobs on a piece of paper.
3. Use any supplies you may have at home (paper, crayons, pencils, paint, glue, etc) to create a sign/poster.
4. Write words of gratitude/appreciation/thanks directed at health care workers and/or essential service workers. You may chose to thank all health care workers/essential services workers or you may chose to create a poster specifically showing support for a particular occupation that you feel connected to.  If you chose to recognise postal service workers be sure to leave your poster where they can see it when they deliver to your home.  

(Sample messages: We support and love nurses! Thank-you essential service workers! I am grateful for police, fire and ambulance keeping our community safe!)
5. Remember to make the writing big and bold​ for people to be able to see it from a window. Email Ms Noel a photo of your completed poster. Try to finish your poster by Friday if you can.

Assignment 2: Friday April 3 by 3:00 pm

Complete the Currents4Kids assignment which is posted to your Currents4Kids account. This is an article about the importance of hand washing during this pandemic.  If you can not remember your password email Ms Noel.