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School Supplies On-Line Ordering

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School Supplies On-Line Ordering
by Donna Punt - Thursday, 27 June 2019, 9:59 AM

Hello Royal Oak Families,


There were some issues with the options code when entering them onto the Staples website; this has now been corrected and is fully functioning.


If you select the grade, you want to order; you will see instructions on how to order and what available options.


To break it down, here is what you will need to do:


Decide what option you want to purchase the options will be included in the grade you select, scroll to the bottom, and you should see three options of school supplies there.  Select your supplies kit code see below.


Grade 6                                                           Grade 7                                                                       Grade 8

Option 1 supplies kit 9FD090E1-6119             Option 1 supplies kit 4DEBDA03-61203                        Option 1 supplies kit F44B0A57-71209

Option 2 supplies kit 3F105BE0-61200           Option 2 supplies kit AF6CAC01-71204                        Option 2 supplies kit F645F91A-71215

Option 3 supplies kit DA7E0640-61201          Option 3 supplies kit 9227AC47-71205                        Option 3 supplies kit 18D4F099-71222


  • Go to:            https://staplesschooltools.ca/Everyone/Home.aspx
  • Click on “Place your order here” select single student payment.
  • Select which option you want to purchase Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3 for your grade of the supplies kit
  • Copy and paste the code to the website under ‘REFERENCE NUMBER’ and click confirm the selection
  • The supplies should come up, and then you click on ‘PROCEED TO PAYMENT.’

Grade 6 School Supplies

Grade 7 School Supplies

Grade 8 School Supplies

Order deadline is July 21, 2019

Technical Support or questions:  Hannah Jubb Email address:  s137sup@staples.ca

Thank you.