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Request for Volunteers

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Request for Volunteers
by Donna Punt - Friday, 17 May 2019, 5:29 PM

Hello Royal Oak Families,


Thank you to all who came to the AGM meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2019!


There are three positions available to be filled still if you know of anyone who is interested or would like to nominate someone, please contact the PAC at romsparents@gmail.com


The most IMPORTANT positions that need filling: 

  1. The President, we are looking for one or two parents to join.  The current Vice-President is willing to Co-President with someone who will take the president position. 
  2. The Fundraiser Co-Ordinators, we currently fundraise with (Purdys) for Christmas & Easter chocolates, school supplies and Save around coupon books, if we can get one parent to take on each fundraiser, it would be easier for the fundraiser co-ordinators then one parent having to run all three.
  3. The Treasurer


A. The President:

B. The Vice-President: filled Lena Palermo

C. The Secretary: filled Jenny Eastman

D. The Treasurer:

E. The COPACS Representative: filled Lisa Gunderson

F. Volunteer Coordinator: filled Lynn Hood

G. Communication Coordinatorfilled Kathy Alexander

H. Members-at-Large:

       1- Hot Lunch Program for kids in needs – filled Elisa Greenway

       2- Grant Writing and Applications – filled Alayne Brygadyr-McCoy

3- Grade Eight Year-end Celebration Coordinator – filled Lynn Bartle

4- Country Grocer Receipts filled Shannon Eastman

5- Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program filled Emily Scott

6- Fundraiser Co-ordinators (2 or more)

Thank you!