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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018
by Donna Punt - Wednesday, 30 May 2018, 9:25 AM

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Congratulations to Mr. Bridgman and band 6/7/8 students, as well as jazz band for their outstanding performances last night at the ROMS Band year end concert. Your music was enjoyed by all. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Elders Tea: Today we welcome our local elders, guests and families to celebrate our 3rd annual Elder's Tea in the Learning commons from 11:15 to 1:30 today. 

Happy Birthday Ms. Mah:

40 big shout outs to Ms Mah as she enters a new decade today!  RO wishes you a all the best on your special day! Have a great day mountain biking with the mountain bike team!

Band Sectionals:

All grade 6 percussionists have sectionals on Thursday during advisory in the band room.

Jazz Band: There will not be a jazz band rehearsal tomorrow but will meet again next Thursday and new students wanting to join for next year are invited to attend.

Boys Group: Don’t forget to bring your swim gear tomorrow.

Eagles Club:
Eagles Club members are reminded that today is the Elders Tea . Please bring your food item to the Learning Commons at 9 am on Wed.  Eagles will meet in Rm 215 at block 2

From the Learning Commons - the Elders Tea will be taking place in the learning commons later today. The LC will be closed from recess on. If you have books to return, please use the book drop in the wall to the left of the doors. Thanks from Ms. Noel and Ms. Lindsay.

Popcorn: On sale at morning recess at the canteen. $1.50 per bag.

Canteen Thursday: On sale at recess tomorrow -chocolate chip cookies, mac & cheese & ice tea.


Athletic Leadership:
There will be a meeting for athletic leadership members on the survivor tribal council committee today during advisory. Please bring your lunches to the gym after block 3.

Grade 8 Intra Murals: Notice to grade 8's of drop-in badminton for today's intra-murals. See you in the gym with your PE strip on.

Track and Field:
There will be a very important meeting for all students on the track and field team who are attending City Finals next Wednesday, June 6th. Please come to the gym right after advisory. Students who do not attend may not be able to attend the meet unless they have contacted Mr. Menzies prior to the meeting. Please go to lowerislandschoolsports.ca for all track and field details.




School Bus Registration 2018/19

School bus registration is now open for the 2018/19 school year. Please use the link provided to register your student. To ensure a seat on the bus please have your registration completed by June 29, 2018. The bus routes listed below are to be used as a guideline only. Updated bus routes for next year will be posted on this site by August 15, 2018.

See attached letter. [https://goo.gl/forms/ENlxIsURaXytVEEq2| School Bus Registration Form ] Office Hours 7:30am—4:00pm, Monday to Friday 12:00pm—1:00pm, Monday to Friday Closed Phone (250) 652-7343

A reminder to parents to contact the ROMS Safe Arrival Line at 250-479-0999 or if your child will be absent or late.

ROMS TV Script, May 30

Today is Wednesday,  May 30 and here’s the news about what’s happening at ROMS. Our weather calls for sunny skies with some cloud cover today and a high of 16 degrees.  

The end of the school year is getting really close!!   There is 1 day left in the month of May! Hang on to your hat!

Quiz your teacher:  

  1. What is 25 x 25?

  2. What event went on last night at RO?  Quick give your answer

  3. Who will win the NHL Stanley Cup?  

Did You know?

Did you know a lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue

  • Did you know goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light

  • Did you know at birth dalmations are always white

  • Did you know black on yellow are the 2 colors with the strongest impact

  • Did you know the safest car color is white


Now over to _______ , with the rest of your ROMS tv news .

Congratulations the all the band students who performed last night at the band concert!  A big thank you to Mr. Bridgeman for organizing the event and also to all the parents who helped out.


A further thanks goes to the Extreme team for doing the parking!  


Your Reminders:

Band students, practice your instrument every night

Check the lost and found daily if you lost your PE items

Ask your teacher  how you are doing in school

Grade 8 Farewell Tickets go on sale this Friday!  


That’s all for today! Be sure to stay safe and wear your seatbelt! We will see you tomorrow!  ROMS TV Newscast Over and Out!