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Thank You For Your Support - Spring Fair 2018

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Thank You For Your Support - Spring Fair 2018
by Donna Punt - Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 7:43 AM

Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who attended the fair on Friday. We couldn't successfully host events such as this without your help and support.  Funds raised from this event will be used by next year's PAC to support students at Royal Oak.

The winners of the basket raffle are

1. Mary T. 2. Raman B. 3. Kieran P. 4. Charly V. 5. Elise G. 6. Sydney

Thanks to the many parents that helped set up, BBQ serve food and clean up!

Thanks to the many Claremont students that helped and volunteered their time!

Thanks to the parents that donated items to the silent auction and to Adele, Gyanna, Jill and Luca for volunteering their time to solicit business for donations!

A special thank you to the staff that endured the many dunks in the dunk tank: Ms. Gill, Ms. Hunter, Mr. Ball, Ms. Broome, Ms. Buxcey, Mr. Goy, Mr. Kenny, Mr. Menzies, Ms. Cottier and finally Mr. Bergeron.

And lastly thank you Games 2 U for entertaining our students.

From all reports the students had a wonderful time.

With your continued support, the PAC is able to fund and support staff at Royal Oak to enrich our children’s educational and social experiences at Middle School.  This year PAC funded the following at ROMS:

  *   Classroom Funds-Per student in each class /2 installments
  *    Chrome Books
  *   Supplies for Earthquake Kits
  *   Athletic Team Uniforms
  *   Funds toward the Playground and Outdoor Equipment
  *   Seaquarium tank for learning about marine ecosystems
  *   Grade 6 Swimming Program
  *   Reading program, (Student Incentives)
  *   Student Services/Counseling support funds
  *   Supplies for Water Colour Painting Club
  *   Grade 8 Farewell event
  *   Staff Appreciation Lunch
  *   Swimming trips at SCP
  *   The Extreme Team
  *   Learning Commons/Library
  *   Island Health - Refreshments for February Open House
  *   Sewing Machine Repair
  *    Math Manipulatives
  *   Author Visit
  *   First Nation Eagle Club
  *   Craft Club
  *   Aprons/Sewing Machine repair
  *   Jigsaw Puzzles* 90.05
  *   Cox Amplifier (Rowing)
  *   Girls Club
  *   Jive Balance Stools

We encourage you to continue to support this amazing Community.  Input, suggestions or comments are always welcome and can be made by emailing romsparents@gmail.com<mailto:romsparents@gmail.com> .

Thank you once again for all your support!