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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
by Donna Punt - Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 10:22 AM

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Chess Club:
Play chess at lunch recess today in Mr Azim's room.  All grades and skill levels are welcome.

Dance Club: Any student interested in joining dance club are invited to a meeting on Thursday in the drama room at 1:16 pm

Drama Club:
Drama Club members are reminded of rehearsal on Wed in drama room at advisory and lunch activity time. Prologue and Scene 1 cast members are required.

Headphones: From the Learning Commons - a reminder that we have very few headphones in the LC, and they are getting fewer, as they get broken. You can pick up a new pair of ear buds, to keep in your locker, for about $10, at drugstores, Walmart, supermarkets, etc. Thanks.

Popcorn: On sale at morning recess at the canteen. $1.50 per bag.

Canteen Thursday: On sale at recess tomorrow -Chicken wings, cookies, & ice tea.

Lost: A Pandora bracelet with 7 charms has been lost. There is a $50 reward for its return.


Athletic Leadership:

Grade 8 Intra Murals: Reminder to grade 8 divisions to check the intra-mural dodge ball schedule for Wednesday's games on the PE bulletin board

Swim Club:
Attention all members of the Royal Oak Swim Team! There will be an important meeting today at FIRST recess in the gym to discuss this weekend's swim meet. Please come to the gym after block 2 and help remind your fellow swimmers.


This week's practice schedule for all teams has been posted on the Royal Oak Athletics webpage, and game schedules and league details can be found at lowerislandschoolsports.ca. Please have a look to see when your team is practicing and playing this week. Players are reminded to ensure their permission forms are handed into Mr. Menzies, and to confirm transportation arrangements to away game in advance and be able to tell their coach who is driving them to the game and home.

Grade 6/7 Girls Rec:
There is a mandatory meeting for Ms. Blaikie & Ms. Gill's 6/7 girls rec volleyball team today at first recess in Ms. Gill's room 221.

Practicing after school today are: The grade 8 boys competitive team, and the grade 6/7 boys competitive team.



A reminder to parents to contact the ROMS Safe Arrival Line at 250-479-0999 or mailto:romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca if your child will be absent or late.


Thrifty Foods Smile Cards:

All grade 6 students have been given a Thrifty Foods Smile Card to help
with PAC Fund raising.  If your family is not intending to use it, please
return it to the school by dropping it into the PAC box outside the school
office.  In that way, we can re-assign it to someone else. If you would
like a card, please contact <span style="font-variant:normal;"><span style="text-decoration:none;"><span style="font-style:normal;"><span style="font-weight:normal;">romsparents@gmail.com</span></span></span></span>


ROMS TV Script, January 24

Here is your afternoon ROMS TV News  

S1: Hello! I’m ____________________

Today is Wednesday, January 24, and here’s the news about what’s happening at ROMS.  The weather calls for more clouds, some rain showers and a high 7 degrees.  We need sunshine!  

There are now 8 days until we are halfway through the school year.   For those in grade 6, you will soon be looking in grade 7!  Wild thought!

 Did You know?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the correct female equivalent for "dude" is actually "dudine."  Not dudette!

The word "goober" means peanut!

Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 163. Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160.

 Congratulations to the ROMS girls on the Saanich Bantam Female hockey team for winning a Bronze Medal in the Lorne Rowan Memorial Tournament in Abbotsford on January 19-21.

Intramurals:     Be sure to join your class team for the  gym intramurals!  The more that sign up the better!  Great to be a involved in fun activities!

Open House:  Royal Oak is hosting our open house on February the 1st.  If you you want to be a tour guide, talk to Ms Hunter.

Grade 8’s:  Today and Thursday is your field trip to Claremont to participate in the Trades  sessions.  The bus leaves at 9:15 sharp!  Make sure you are there on time.

Recycling:    Tomorrow is the day we do the blue bin paper recycling  at the end of block 3.    It is the class responsibility to make this happen as there will no longer be a reminder.   

Ask your teacher:  What is a Tsunami is!  

News in Sports:

The Olympic Games are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating by occurring every four years but two years apart.

Their creation was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD.

This concludes our ROMS TV Newscast for today.  If it happens, it happens on ROMS TV. We will see you tomorrow on ROMS News!