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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
by Donna Punt - Wednesday, 1 November 2017, 1:08 PM

November 1, 2017

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Congratulations to the Halloween door decoration contest winners, Div 8-1, 8-6 and M-1. Great effort by all divisions and fabulous school spirit.

Extreme Team: There will be no Extreme Team meeting today. 

Eagles Group: There will be an important meeting for all Eagles club members today during block 2 in the green conference room.  Please see Ms Noel or Ms. Broome if you can not attend.

Youth In Action:
Meeting Thursday at 11:23 am in Miss Cottier's room 222.

Food Drive: The can drive is in its first week and the Thunderbird hallway is in the lead with over 200 non-perishable items for the food bank. Prizes for the winning hallway!

Popcorn: On sale at morning recess at the canteen. $1.50 per bag.

Canteen Thursday: On sale at recess tomorrow -burritos, cookies, & ice tea.


Athletic Leadership:

Athletic Leadership members are reminded to be sure to come to your shifts in the morning and take care of your responsibilities. The next meeting is this Friday during advisory. 


Congratulations to the Grade 6/7 girls competitive basketball team on the great game against Dunsmuir yesterday. No practice today. Next practice tomorrow at lunch.

Reminder to grade 6 girls of your basketball practice today after school and tomorrow morning. Please be there on time and help remind your teammates of the practice. 

Players on Mr. Menzies' 6/7 boys basketball team are reminded to hand in your permission forms if you want to play. 

Jamborees for all recreational teams start next week, so please look at lowerislandschoolsports.ca for times and locations, and discuss transportation arrangements to the jamboree. 
Intra murals:

Today is the next round of grade 8 intramurals. Tomorrow the next round of grade 6/7 intra murals will happen, and classes will be informed today if they are scheduled to play 


***A reminder that all practice schedules are posted on the ROMS Athletic web page. Games are listed on the lowerislandschoolsports.ca It is your responsibility to know when your team practices or has a game scheduled.


Miraculous Maya:

One of Royal Oak Middle School's precious treasures, Maya and her family need our help. Maya suffers from a rare genetic disorder called MPS. She is currently in Children's hospital in Vancouver recovering from open heart surgery and is waiting to have surgery on both hips. A go-fund-me account has been set up by Maya's aunt (also a ROMS parent): https://www.gofundme.com/miraculous-maya

Coupon Books: Notices have been sent home to families who have not yet returned their money or coupon book. Please submit your $25 or return the coupon book to the office as soon as possible.

A reminder to parents to contact the ROMS Safe Arrival Line at 250-479-0999 or mailto:romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca if your child will be absent or late.


PURDY'S Chocolatier Fundraiser begins today. Purdy's chocolates are made fresh in Vancouver from only 100% sustainable cocoa. This program gives 25% of the sales back to the School PAC. The campaign runs Nov 1-27. Order delivery date is Monday, December 11th so you will have it in plenty of time for the holidays!! Order On-line at purdysgpp.com use customer number 29813.

PAC Meeting: Please join us for our next meeting on Thursday, November 16th at 7:00 pm in the Learning Commons.


*This is a script read out to the students, by students during advisory.

ROMS TV Script, Wednesday

S1: Hello! I’m Kaitlin. Today is Wednesday, November 1st. Welcome to our third attempt at our first edition of ROMS TV.

The weather forecast for today is a balmy 11 degrees Celsius (that’s a bit warmer than usual for this time of year).

Here’s a belated fun fact about Hallowe’en – did you go to the haunted house at Claremont last Friday night? Well, as scary as that was, it’s nothing compared to the Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio. Measuring over 1086 metres (that’s more than a kilometre), the Guinness Book of World Records has named it the world’s longest haunted house. Even spookier: it’s located 24 metres underground, in an abandoned mine!

Okay, on to today’s news – the word is that everyone had a pretty awesome day yesterday! Many kids dressed up, and there were plenty of fun and/or spooky costumes to be seen. At lunchtime, down in the gym, during the parade of the three grade groups, Ms. Galvao could be seen in the crowd of teachers, groovin’ to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Congratulations to the costume prize winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the parades.

The staff pie-eating contest was a HUGE crowd pleaser – loads of kids came off the bleachers to get a close-up look at the teachers doing their best to polish off their pieces of pumpkin pie first. Students stood behind the teachers to make sure there were no cheaters, and also helpfully held hair out of some of the teachers’ slices of pie. Mr. Sparanese was declared the winner, but he had some strong competition.

The door competition was also hotly contested – lots of great entries for the judges to choose from – you can tell from looking at the doors how much hard work and creativity went into them. At the end of the day M1, 8-1 and 8-6 were declared the winners. We hope you enjoyed your cupcakes!

And now over to Liam, with more ROMS news.

Thanks, Kaitlin.

The Youth in Action ‘We Scare Hunger” campaign started on Monday and will run all week. Our goal is to collect one thousand cans (or other food items) for the local food bank. Boxes have been set up in front of the office, two per hallway. Will YOUR hallway be the one to collect the most? Do your part, and bring in what you can.

Last week, Ms. Lindsay, our Learning Commons teacher, started the Amazing Reading Race Canada Contest. In this contest, students do their normal amount of silent reading time and keep track of the number of pages they read. Teachers asked to list their weekly totals on the Google doc Ms. Lindsay has shared.

Check out the cute markers, representing homeroom teachers, on the wall map in the Learning Commons – all are very artistic, and have captured the likeness of the teachers very well, including Ms. Blaikie’s and Mrs. Gill’s long blonde hair! Watch for your class’ marker to start moving across the Trans Canada Highway towards Victoria.

Well, that’s it for today – we know you want to get out to start having fun during our extended lunch activity time. Thanks for joining us, and stay safe tonight while you’re having fun!