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Monday, May 15, 2017

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Monday, May 15, 2017
by Donna Punt - Monday, 15 May 2017, 9:26 AM


Monday, May 15, 2017

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Scottish dance club is starting today at 1:16 in the Drama Room.  All interested people are welcome; no previous dance experience required.  Come and flex your inner Celt on Mondays.

Games Club: The Games Club will be meeting in Room 125 at 1:16 pm.

Canteen Tuesday: On sale at recess -chocolate chip cookies, smoothies and mac and cheese.

Conversation and Activities Club: Please join us for Conversations Club today in room 227. Meet new friends, learn about other cultures, and practice your English. All Royal Oak students are welcome to join us. Please see Ms. Beristain in room 219 for more information.

Band Concert & BBQ Fundraiser:  Please join us May 24th for a BBQ 4:30 -- 6:00 pm and Band Concert 6:00-8:00 pm 


Field hockey:

All players are reminded of our practice tomorrow morning.  Remember your shin guards, mouth guards, and an extra sock.

Rugby: Good luck to the boys rugby team today as they compete in the grade 6/7 LIMSSA rugby tournament today!

Track & Field:
The second track and field meet of the season takes place later today at UVIC. Students participating in 100m, the 4 x 100m relay, and triple jump must attend a mandatory meeting today at second recess. We will be discussing relay teams, transportation, and other meet details. Please help remind your team-mates, and we will see you there later on today.

ROMS TV Announcements

Good afternoon Royal Oak!  Here are the News stories you have been waiting for.  Today is Monday,

May 15th, 2017 and here is what is happening at 751 Travino Lane

Do you know that in Saskatchewan, a hoodie is called a “bunnyhug”!?

Quizz: What did the First Nations call North America before European arrival?  Turtle Island.

Did you know that there really is a Victoria Island.  Try to find it on a map.  

1) Today's weather:  A wet day expected here at ROMS.  Currently the temperature is sitting at 9 degrees with an 80% chance of a light rain.  This afternoon the temperature hopefully moves up to 10 degrees with an 80% chance of rain.    


2) Health Facts:

It might sound counterproductive, but if you want to cool down, then drink something hot. According to a study from the University of Ottawa’s school of Human Kinetics, as the drink is hotter than your body temperature, it triggers a sweat response in the body that more than compensates for the increase. So although it might initially make you feel hotter, a hot drink will cause you to sweat more and therefore the body effectively cools itself quicker.

3)   There are a lot of school events starting up.  Be sure to listen to the morning announcements to see where you might get involved in your school.   

4)  Keep up your recycling.  Recycling reduces the amount of garbage we send to our landfill.  

5)  Pizza day and chocolate milk is this Friday.   You have to love pizza!!

6) And for today’s Teaser:

Q: How many seconds are there in one year?

A: 12 of them: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd, June 2nd, July 2nd, August 2nd, September 2nd, October 2nd, November 2nd, December 2nd.  

That concludes our TV news cast! Please join us tomorrow for further breaking news stories here on 751 News!

Thanks for making ROMS TV your #1  station! If it is happening, it is happening here on 751 TV



Grade 8 Families

PAC Executive Elections for 2017/2018 7 School Year

 Royal Oak Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Executive Nominations are now open! Come and make a difference in your child’s education.

 Elections will be held at the May, PAC Annual General Meeting on ThursdayMay 18th at 7:00 PM in the Learning Commons. You must attend in person to vote (no proxy voting) and Nominations may be received at the meeting, voting will be by secret ballot.


If you are interested in running for a position, wish to nominate someone or have any questions; please contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee Jenny Eastman at:  ferns1@telus.net


All positions are open for election each year a list of the available positions is listed below. Descriptions of each position are in the attachment as taken from the PAC Constitution.


It is very important that we get new parents to carry on the PAC Executive roles. Some positions require more involvement and time than others, but most require just 3 to 4 hours a month, and can be job-shared.  Come help out – we need you.



A. The President:

B. The Vice-President:

C. The Secretary:

D. The Treasurer:

E. The COPACS Representative:

F. Volunteer Coordinator:

G. Communication Coordinator:

H. Members-at-Large:

       1- Hot Lunch Program for kids in needs

         2 Grant Writing and Applications

         3 Grade Eight Year end Celebration Coordinator

**Please see attached position descriptions

Planning for the Grade 8 Farewell is well underway. As many of you know, the event is on June 26 from 6-9 and the theme for the event is Sunset Beach Party.

Tickets for the event are $10 and will be on sale every Thursday and Friday at lunch recess from May 25 - June 9.

Please send baby photos of their kids at the "beach" to melanie.posthuma@ebuynow.com so that we can put together a video to run at the event.

Re: Student Absences or Late

If you know your child will be late or absent please remember to let the school and teachers know ASAP via: email: <span style="font-weight:normal;">romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca or call: 250-479-0999 (24 hours per day).

All students who arrive late for school (last late bell rings at 9:04 am) much check in with the office.

Remember to visit our school website for current information royaloak.sd63.bc.ca