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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
by Donna Punt - Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 9:57 AM


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Grade 8's Going to Claremont Musical: Please make sure that you are out at the bus lane no later than 12:15 pm. Please eat your lunch before you leave.

Band Sectionals:
There is a grade 6 trumpet sectional today at 12:47. Please bring your lunch!

Stage Band: There is a Stage Band rehearsal today at 1:16.

Dance Club: Dance Club meets today at lunch in the Drama Room 116. All dancers please attend.

Craft Club: Today at 1:16- 1:56 at room 125. (Last day June 7/16)

Canteen today On sale at recess -cookies, smoothies and chicken wings.

Mountain Bike Club; A reminder that the Mountain Bike Club rides tomorrow after school, don't forget to bring your bike to school.

Canteen tomorrow: Popcorn sold tomorrow at first recess. Popcorn $1.50,

ROMS TV Announcements

Good afternoon Royal Oak!  Here are the News stories you have been waiting for. Today is Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 and here is what is happening at 751 Travino Lane

Do you know that on Friday May 5th, we had approximately 82% of the school vote during Student Vote BC 2017.  That is about 520 students.  All of our numbers have been calculated and submitted to CIVIX and will be announced on TV along with the rest of the Provincial Student Votes this evening.  A more detailed breakdown for ROMS will be made public tomorrow (Wednesday).  What a great turnout!

Did you also know that some classes will integrating the voting data that we calculated into their Math class and will be displaying graphs on the hallway TV?  

Did you also know that 79% of the votes that we did collect were all done so during block 3.  There was very little turnout in block 1.  When asked why no one was showing up, we were told that it was because we hadn’t seen the final candidate presentation yet.  Way to go ROMS!  Wanting to be more informed before voting is exactly the aim of Student Votes.  Give yourself a pat on the back!

1) Today's weather:  A beautiful day expected today.  Currently the temperature is sitting at 9 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation.  This afternoon the temperature hopefully moves up to 15 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation.

2) Health Facts:  Around 80% of what we think is taste is actually smell.  Flavour, is combination of taste and smell perception.  Test this yourself by holding your nose closed the next time you eat something, can you taste it very well?  Chances are you can’t.

3)   There are a lot of school events starting up.  Be sure to listen to the morning announcements to see where you might get involved in your school.   

4)  Keep up your recycling.  Recycling reduces the amount of garbage we send to our landfill.  

5)  Pizza day and chocolate milk is this Friday.   You have to love pizza!!

6) And for today’s Teaser:

Triplets (Jane, Tayonie, and Tiffany) were born in August but their birthday is in December.

how can this be true?

Answer:  August is a town!  

That concludes our TV news cast! Please join us tomorrow for further breaking news stories here on 751 News!

Thanks for making ROMS TV your #1  station! If it is happening, it is happening here on 751 TV


Compost Soil Sale: Students traveling on our France 2018 spring break trip are fund raising to help cover costs of their trip. Please support them. Compost Soil Sale $10. per bag or 3 for $25. Pick up daily after school until 4:00 pm


Grade 8 Families

Planning for the Grade 8 Farewell is well underway. As many of you know, the event is on June 26 from 6-9 and the theme for the event is Sunset Beach Party.

Tickets for the event are $10 and will be on sale every Thursday and Friday at lunch recess from May 25 - June 9.

Please send baby photos of their kids at the "beach" to melanie.posthuma@ebuynow.com so that we can put together a video to run at the event.

Notice of AGM – Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Learning Commons.

Hanging Baskets orders have been placed, pick up your baskets on May 10th at 2:30 pm in the Tech Ed Shop (front of school).

Staff Appreciation Day:

Let's celebrate ROMS amazing staff!

Tomorrow  , Wednesday May 10th is STAFF APPRECIATION 

We will be celebrating ROMS staff by serving them lunch. We encourage all Students to bring a flower for their teacher. You can pick flowers, purchase flowers, draw flowers or make them out of the tissue. Please drop them off at the front of the school on Wednesday morning. A parent will be there to collect the flowers and make bouquets for the staff. 


Please Pick up your Mothers Day Baskets tomorrow WednesdayMay 10th starting at 2:30

or Thursday ALL DAY until 4:00 Pm

We ordered a few extras that are available for purchase. 

COMPOST: will  be on sale, 3 bags for $25 or $10 each 


Re: Student Absences or Late

If you know your child will be late or absent please remember to let the school and teachers know ASAP via: email: <span style="font-variant:normal;"><span style="font-style:normal;"><span style="font-weight:normal;">romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca</span> or call: 250-479-0999 (24 hours per day).

All students who arrive late for school (last late bell rings at 9:04 am) much check in with the office.

Remember to visit our school website for current information royaloak.sd63.bc.ca