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Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Thursday, April 6, 2017
by Donna Punt - Thursday, 6 April 2017, 9:15 AM


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Class Photos: A reminder to all students and staff that class photos will be today during blocks 1 and 2.

Crosswalk Safety:
An increasing number of students are choosing to cross West Saanich Rd where there is not a crosswalk. This is very dangerous behaviour. Do not cross West Saanich Road where there is not a cross walk. It is a very busy road and drivers may not see you. There are multiple cross walks with lights and one with a crossing guard to help you cross safely. Be Safe!

Eagles Club:
Bring your lunch and field trip permission form to the Green Conference Room at 12 noon today.  We will leave for field trip at 12:20 today. See Ms. Noel or Ms. Broome if you have any questions.

Youth In Action: There is an important Youth and Action meeting in Miss Cottier's room on today at first recess (11:23).  We are starting some new campaigns and would love to get some of our members involved in making a difference!

Drawing Club:
Drawing club starts April 20th, on Wednesdays during activity time in Ms. Noels class. Please bring pencil crayons, felts and glue.

Mountain Bike Club: First Ride April 12 at Harland Landfill, we need parent drivers. Ride days are Wednesdays from 3:08-5:15 pm.

Chill Zone is canceled for today, check us out next week!

Pizza Day tomorrow - $2.50 per slice

Canteen today: On sale at recess -chocolate chip cookies, smoothies and quesadillas.


There will be a meeting and practice today during 2nd recess for all students interested in playing badminton this year. Please come prepared to play today and ready to sign up for league matches happening here at ROMS on the next three Wednesdays. Go to the ROMS Athletics webpage for details.

Beach Volleyball Tournament: There will be an important meeting today at first recess in the gym for those interested in participating.

Rugby: If you haven't signed up for rugby and are still interested in playing, see Mr. Reston by Friday. All forms must be handed in asap. Check out the ROMS athletics web page for practice information.

ROMS TV Announcements

Good afternoon Royal Oak!  Here are the News stories you have been waiting for.  Today is Thursday, April 6, 2017 and here is what is happening at 751 Travino Lane.

Do you know  the Arctic Ocean is the smallest in the world  

Did you also  your skin is the largest organ making up the human body

Rafiki Bracelets:

Rafiki is coming to Royal Oak! Rafiki bracelets will start being sold on Monday, April 10th to help Kenyan artisans earn money for their families and send their children to school.  The word Rafiki means friend in Swahili- and you have a chance to be a global friend!  Bracelets are $10 each and $5 from each bracelet will go towards our Youth in Action initiative to help children around the world. There will be five different bracelets available for purchase starting at 1:16 on Monday.

Beach Volleyball Tournament:
An open school beach volleyball tournament is happening June 3 in Parksville.  If you are interested in registering with a partner (doubles team for grade 8, triples team for grade 6 and 7) and learning how to play and prepare for the tournament,  an important meeting will be held in the gym today at first recess. This tournament is open to All grades.  See Ms. Espedido for more information.

All rugby player are reminded of your general practice today after school. All players must attend or communicate with Mr. Menzies or Mr Reston if they are unable to come. Rugby information is now posted on the ROMS Athletics web page.

Grade 6/7 Boys rugby players and grade 6/7/8 Girls rugby players are reminded to hand their permission forms back to Mr. Reston or Mr. Menzies ASAP. Friday will be the deadline for all permission forms to be handed in as games start for the boys next week. If you haven't signed up for rugby and are still interested in playing, see Mr. Reston by Friday.

1) Today's weather calls for mostly cloudy skies with some rain showers and a high temperature of 12 degrees once again.  We want spring!!

2)  Reminder we are now in our final term of the year.  This is the hardest term to keep focused as the weather gets nice.  Hard work pays off kids!

3) Health Fact:  

 There are 2.5 trillion (give or take) of red blood cells in your body at any moment. To maintain this number, about two and a half million new ones need to be produced every second by your bone marrow. That's like a new population of the city of Toronto every second.

4) Report cards went home on Tuesday.  Be sure to return your report card envelope.  

5)  Class photos took place today.  Every student will receive a photo as part of Life Touch’s commitment to RO.

6) Rugby is starting.  Be sure to listen to announcements for practice times.  See Mr Reston for details!

7)  Youth in Action!  Be sure to attend your meeting today at 11:23 in Miss Cottier’s room.

8)  Mountain Biking is about to begin, first ride is April 12th.  See Mr. Kenny if you are interested.  If your parent can drive bikes up to Heartland, Mr. K would be very interested.

9)  Recycling.  Be sure to do your part to sort your recycling properly.   The best practice is to not bring packaging to school rather use recyclable containers.  Lets do our part to change our world.  

9) And for today’s joke of the day:

  Q: What do you call a girl who's just come back from the beach?

A: Sandy.

That concludes our TV news cast! Please join us tomorrow for further breaking news stories here on 751 News!

Thanks for making ROMS TV your #1  station! If it is happening, it is happening here on 751 TV


You are now able to book an appointment for 2017-18 Class placement & transition meetings. Visit our school website for the link.

Families of Designated Students: Learning Services Open House. Learn about the supports that we procide our designated students. Wednesday, April 26 @ 7:00 pm.

Class Photos today, April 6th (Blocks 1 and 2).

A reminder that the Grade 6 aquatics program begins next week.

Home Work Club: Home Work Club Extra support will be available to students on the following days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 8:00-9:00 am in Room 215 and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:08-4:08 pm in Room 215 Please ask your teacher for details!

Upcoming Fund raiser: Stay tuned for our Mother's Day baskets fund raiser after spring break.

Bottle Drive: Student Council Bottle Drive – April 3-13 – Drop off your bottles in front of school before or after school. Proceeds go towards sponsorship of an international foster child.

Re: Student Absences or Late

If you know your child will be late or absent please remember to let the school and teachers know ASAP via: email: <span style="font-variant:normal;"><span style="font-style:normal;"><span style="font-weight:normal;">romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca</span></span></span> or call: 250-479-0999 (24 hours per day).

All students who arrive late for school (last late bell rings at 9:04 am) much check in with the office.

Remember to visit our school website for current information royaloak.sd63.bc.ca