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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
by Donna Punt - Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 9:34 AM


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

Drawing Club: Today in Ms. Noel's Room during activity time, please bring pencil crayons, skinny felts, pencil,a ruler and glue. (Runs January 11th to March 8th).

France Trip 2018: Any students traveling to France NEXT YEAR, in 2018, please meet in Mme Ryan's room at recess today for a quick meeting. 

Math Challengers:
A very important Grade 8 Math Challengers meeting tomorrow at 1:16pm in Miss Cottier's room.  Please bring your blue duo tangs and be ready to tackle some questions.

Talent Show:
Do you dance solo, or with a group? Do you sing karaoke? Do you play an instrument? Do you write songs or poetry? Are you a comedian, magician or an actor? ROMS Talent show will be Friday, March 3rd from 7pm to  9pm. Auditions will be held during lunch recess starting February 13th to 23rd. The audition Sign up sheet will be posted outside room 220, starting this Thursday. Show US YOUR TALENT!

Canteen today: Popcorn on sale at first recess. Popcorn $1.50,

Canteen Thursday: On sale at recess tomorrow -chocolate chip cookies, smoothies, and burritos.

Clay Club: Anyone who already took a form, please return it promptly.....so you can be added to the clay club....if you still would like to join see Ms. Kardash in the Art room  at Friday second recess....and find out if there is still space. No more forms will be given out until Friday. Thank you for your interest!



Congratulations to our grade 8 boys team and grade 6/7 girls teams on their success starting their seasons this week. Play continues today with Ms. Mcmanus' team playing at Bayside and Mr. Ryan's team hosting here at ROMS.

Tomorrow the grade 6/7 boys teams play at Arbutus and Bayside.

Please to to lowislandschoolsports.ca to view season schedules for all teams, and also see the ROMS Athletics webpage for practice schedules.

Go Eagles!

Wednesday’s ROMS TV Announcements

Good afternoon Royal Oak! Here are the News stories you have been waiting for.

This is 751 News and Today is Wednesday, January 25 rd

Do you know that the Grand Canyon can hold around 900 trillion footballs. That is a lot of footballs!

Did you also know the average human brain contains around 78% water. I wonder what the other 22% is made up from?

1) Today's weather calls for cloudy skies and a high of 6 degrees. The forecast tells us that we will be having more cloudy skies tomorrow with a high of 7 degrees !

2) Ms. Mah's new puppy, Bosco, got a time out yesterday for chewing up Ms. Mah's new high heels. Naughty puppy!

3) January 30 there is no school! The teachers have workshops they need to attend and students will be having one sweet day at home relaxing!

4) Correction, Pears are coming our way this week. They just arrived! Eating pears is a great way to become strong like Mr. Kenny!

5) The Royal Oak Open House is next week! This is our chance to show case our school to our community. The Open House is on Feb 1 at 6:30 pm.

6) Litter is on the increase on our school grounds. Take responsibility for your recyclables and litter.

7) Health Fact: One can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar and the average American adult drinks 500 cans of soda every year, estimating about 52 pounds of sugar consumed in soft drinks alone.

8) And for today’s joke of the day:

Q:  Why did Adam bring a ladder to school today?
A: He wanted to go to high school.

That concludes our TV news cast! Please join us tomorrow for further breaking news stories here on

RO 751 News!

Thanks for making ROMS TV your station of choice! If it is happening, it is hear on 751 TV


Cakes: Jean Prevost our fabulous teacher in the Learning Commons is retiring. Mrs. Prevost's last day at ROMS will be Tuesday, January 31st and we would like to make her day special. We are hoping that all classes would drop in to the Learning Commons throughout the day and wish her well.

We have approximately 641 students and 70 staff. In order to ensure that we have enough cake for everyone to enjoy, we thought that we would ask each division to please provide a cake large enough for 30 students to share. All cakes must be peanut free!

Divisions not yet represented are:

6-1, M-1, M2, M3, M5, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 8-1, 8-3, 8-4, 8-5 and 8-8

If you are able to provide a cake for your child's division to share in the celebration on Tuesday, January 31 please email Ms. Hunter at mailto:chunter@sd63.bc.ca . Please provide your child's name and division in the email.

Thank you.


Location: 2005 Sooke Road Victoria BC. V9B 5Y2
SPRING BASKETBALL TRAINING: Underground’s 8 week elite program @ Royal Roads University, 2005 Sooke Road, Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2
March 27th- May 22nd 2017 no session April 17th (Easter Monday)
Every Monday night 7:30-9:30 pm
u14-u18 Girls- 7:30- 8:30 12 spots available for girls
u14-u18 Boys- 8:30-9:30 12 spots available for boys
Cost- $150.00 - $100.00 for those who sign up before Feb 29th
Free underground basketball t-shirt will be included.

12 week fundamental program at Parkland High School:
Location: 10640 McDonald Park Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5S7
April 2nd- June 12th (no session April 16th) Easter
u11/u12 Girls : 2pm-3pm 12 spots Available
u11/u12 Boys : 3pm-4pm 12 spots Available
u13-u15 Girls : 4pm-5pm 12 spots Available
u13-u15 Boys : 5pm-6pm 12 spots Available
Call for pricing : Contact 778.676.9473
Free t-shirts will be given.

[ http://undergroundbasketballtraining.com/about/program/ | Programs – Underground Basketball Training ]

A reminder to Parents that January 30th is a Non Instructional Day and classes are not in session.

Proposed Calendars for 2017/18 and 2018/19 -

Proposed 2017/18 and 2018/19 School Calendars for Public Feedback:

The Saanich Board of Education is pleased to share the proposed school calendars for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Based on feedback in previous years, Saanich School District #63 has collaborated with Greater Victoria School District #61 and Sooke School District #62 to align school calendar dates wherever possible.

Link to the district page: https://www.sd63.bc.ca/news/2017-01/proposed-201718-and-201819-school-calendars-public-feedback 

Yearbook Orders: The 2016/2017 ROMS Yearbook is now available for Pre-Order! Yearbooks are 128 full colour pages with over 2,000 images from athletics, events, and many memories!  Last year's book sold out in June so please be sure you pre-order and guarantee yourself a book delivered directly to your homeroom in June!  The cost of this year's book is $38. Grade 8 students have until March 10th to email a baby photo to Miss Cottier (ecottier@sd63.bc.ca).

Remember to visit pour school website for current information royaloak.sd63.bc.ca

Re: Student Absences or Late

If you know your child will be late or absent please remember to let the school and teachers know ASAP via: email: <span style="font-variant:normal;"><span style="font-style:normal;"><span style="font-weight:normal;">mailto:romssafearrival@sd63.bc.ca</span></span></span> or call: 250-479-0999 (24 hours per day)

PAC Review:

A reminder to Parents of the 2017 Vancouver Island Parent Conference to be held on February 25, 2017 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at Royal Bay Secondary School in Colwood. Please see our School Calendar of Events on our main school website for further details.