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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
by Nancy Puckett - Tuesday, 22 September 2015, 9:25 AM

Morning Radio News @ 9:05 am

ROMS TV: There will be a meeting of ROMS TV Technicians today at the first recess in the Learning Commons.

Environmental Club: Did you enjoy the Creatures of Habitat day last year? Do you like ripping down ivy and digging up blackberries? We are looking for a group of students to help take down the ivy from the trees during lunch time. There will be an information meeting today at lunch recess is Ms. Robson's room #221.

Band: All grade 6 bass players have sectionals today during lunch activity period in the band room.

Craft Club: today at 1:16- 1:56 at room 125.

Canteen today:  cookies  75 cents, smoothies  50 cents

Morning Entrance Doors: Reminder Gr 6 & 7 students enter the front doors.  The Gr 6 students enter the doors near the wood shop. The south doors on the green  hallway are only for exiting at recess, lunch and after school. Reminder if you plan on coming in early to work with a teacher, you need to come before 8:40 am.  

Photo Day: This Thursday is your school Photo Day.  All students will get their picture taken.  Make sure you are looking your best on Thursday. Classes will be collected by a student runner when it is your turn. 

Litter:  Please ensure all packaging and garbage is deposited in the correct bin at the recess and lunch activity periods.  We are starting to see litter on the school grounds which is not what we expect at RO.


Intra-murals: Notice to all grade 8 divisions to submit an intra-mural soccer team list to Mr. Stanchfield this week. Games will hopefully start next week. 

Soccer: A reminder to all grade 6/7 soccer players on both the boys and girls teams, that they have a practice with Mr. Goy and Ms. Mah tomorrow morning at 8:00am. Be sure to be on time!

Parents & PAC Royal Oak Review @ noon:

ATTENTION GRADE 6 PARENTS... PAC is looking for some grade 6 parents to fill specific volunteer positions. There are 5 slots out of 10 still open for working at grade 6 vaccinations on Tuesday, October 6th. There is also an open spot for 1 or 2 parents to handle the distribution of the grade 6 Thrifty's cards into the teachers' mailboxes. Please see the volunteer button at the top of the ROMS front page to sign up. There are also additional volunteer spots to choose from. Thanks in advance for your time.