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Thursday, May 8, 2014

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Thursday, May 8, 2014
by Bonnie Haley - Thursday, 8 May 2014, 9:41 AM

This morning we have 39 Grade 5 students from Cordova Bay Elementary School plus students from area elementary schools touring Royal Oak. Please give them a friendly welcome as you see them in our school.

Ms. Savage's block 2 and 3 drama class will meet in the Art Room today.

Final Mini X is tomorrow. The block order for tomorrow will be Block 3,4,1 Mini X .

All Extreme Team members are meeting at the start of advisory block in the Multi-Purpose Room for our BBQ.

There is an Important Track & Field meeting tomorrow at lunch recess for all track and field athletes who are attending the meet on Monday the 12th.

ROMS Waste-Free-Week! Make sure you bring a lunch with no waste – Be Waste Free!

Reminder to tune in during Advisory block to see & hear further news reports and announcements on your
#-1 TV Station - that's ROMS News!”


Mini X - our final mini X is tomorrow. Block order is 3, 4, 1 and Mini X. The weather forecast calls for rain showers tomorrow. Be sure to have the appropriate clothing for your event. Go cart students need to bring a bike helmet.


Tomorrow is our last day that we will have our students visiting from Mexico. Be sure to say a final farewell as you see them in your classes

Mini X Digital Photography participants - please remember to bring your USB flash drive to class tomorrow! If you are using your own personal camera, please bring the necessary cords to plug into the computer and transfer pictures. We will be transferring and saving pictures for editing and final prints.


- Congratulations to the girls' rugby team on a fantastic season!
- Hockey today: 6-3 vs M-4, and 6-1 vs M-5 (6s)
- Reminder to all field hockey players of our games today at UVic. Please contact Ms. Fuller if you do NOT have a ride up to Uvic.
-Important meeting tomorrow at lunch recess for all track and field athletes who are attending the meet on Monday the 12th.

2014/15 School Supply Forms are now online. You can order online between June 1 – 30.


Parents of Students with IEP's visit
--Gr 8 parents
visit Claremont Learning Service Team, this evening, from 7 – 8pm

--Gr 5 parents (or new parents to ROMS) visit ROMS Learning Services Open House,
today from 2 - 4pm.

Compost Soil Sales
are still on! Get your soil today which helps to send a Gr 8 student to their leadership seminar. The soil is $10 per bag or 3 bags for $25.


Mark your Calendar! . . . Parent Appreciation Coffee/Tea & Muffin on Friday May 30th from 8 – 9am. Drive by and have a treat & a Thank You served to you with a smile to your vehicle or join us in front of the school for a visit.

Visit our website: http://royaloak.sd63.bc.ca