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Monday, December 16, 2013

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Monday, December 16, 2013
by Bonnie Haley - Monday, 16 December 2013, 9:26 AM

1) Recycling:  The Recycling  Stations are closed this week.  The stations and hall towers have all been washed out by the leadership class and are now ready for January. Everyone is asked to take home their recyclable and all other lunch items.  We want to continue our "no garbage" school practice.  Your efforts are both appreciated and needed.

2)  Classroom Recycling:   All towers should be washed out as of last Friday.  The Compost buckets may still be used this week but need to be washed out with soap by Friday.  The Blue Paper bins may also still be used but classes need to empty them on Friday.

3)  Friday is our last school day of 2013.  It is regular full day of school and all students are expected to be in attendance. The afternoon will include social activities during the last block followed by a 15-minute clean-up session in homeroom.  There will be a number of different activities for students to participate in as well as a school dance.

4)  Mini X: Thank you to both Students and Staff for making our Mini X sessions both fun and successful. 

Volleyball: Grade 6/7 boys and girls volleyball workshops are today and tomorrow after school (3:15). Please attend if you are considering trying out for the boys or girls 6/7 competitive teams. See Ms. Robson or Ms. Espedido if you have any questions. 

Swim Club:
No practices this week, your next practice will be when you return to school in January. Practice that week will be Jan 7 and 9 at 7:30 am at the Saanich Commonwealth Pool.

Lost and Found:
please check for your missing items. All items will be given to a charity on Wednesday.

Lost: a ladies black small wallet and car keys were lost at Country Grocer. If you walk in this area and find them, please turn them into the office. The owner needs these items and is offering a reward.

1) Our  Recycling is closed down this week.
  The stations and towers have all been washed out and are ready for January.  Students are asked to take home all remaining lunch items.  We want to continue our "no garbage" school practice. Reusable containers are the solution for both snacks and lunch items. Your efforts are both appreciated and needed. 

2)  Friday is our last day for 2013.   Friday is regular full day of  school and we will have social activities during block 4 followed by 15 minutes of clean-up in home rooms to end the year.  All students are expected to be in full attendance.

3) The school building is closed Dec 21 – Jan 5:
Please have your child check the Lost & Found before Wednesday and take home jackets/pants/hoodies they may need over the holidays. Lost & Found items will be sent to a charity on Wednesday.