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Friday, June 21, 2013

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Friday, June 21, 2013
by Bonnie Haley - Friday, 21 June 2013, 10:06 AM

Grade 8 students write their Language Arts exam during Block 1 and Science during Block 3 today. Good Luck to everyone! Reminder to the grade 6s & 7s – please stay quiet during this time so that the grade 8s can focus.

Grade 8's Your final
Gr 9 course selection for Claremont for is coming to you today.  If there are errors or changes needed - you need to contact Claremont.

Division 6-5 will visit the Legislative Building today – have fun 6-5!

Grade 7 students - Are you interested in reading the "Daily Announcements" next school year?
Please pick-up an application from the office and return it to Mr. Bergeron. Students will be expected to work with a partner to do both verbal and TV announcements. This is a year long commitment. 

All learning commons materials are now due! Remember that the learning commons will be closed at recess and lunch activity times.

We are missing over 30 PE school uniforms from this years teams.  If you played on a school team this year please check your locker and at home for any missing uniforms.  Please turn in found uniforms to the school or PE office.

recycling program ends todayfor both classrooms and hallways.
Classrooms - wash out both tower and compost bucket with soap and water. Keep In room for summer.
Blue paper bins - keep in Classrooms. Keep using. When full, take out to big green bin - get as much paper out early as bin fills on last week.
Please bring reusable containers for your lunch. We are a garbage free school and want  to keep our garbage to a minimum.

This is our final
Pizza day for the school year.

Lost: Black Knight red badminton racket, was in the girls change room yesterday, also a Reebok Binder, clear water bottle with blue-green filter, brownish red sun glasses.


Found: two charm bracelets, medical alert bracelet, set of car keys with CAA chain., brown purse, badminton racket, red baseball cap.



Just a reminder that is the really important that students know that school is not optional  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the last week of school. This is school and district policy.

The only option is early dismissal at 11:40am on Thursday. Parents need to complete the early dismissal form and submit by Tuesday, June 25th. Students will not be dismissed early without an early dismissal form.

Send a plastic bag with your child to bring home their belongings.

Missing: PE uniforms/shirts – please check your laundry and send any found PE uniform into the school. These are expensive to replace. Thanks for your help.

Grade 8 exams begin this week: Please ensure your child arrives at school on time.
Friday, Block 1 ~ Language Arts Block 3 ~ Science
Monday, Block 1 ~ Socials Block 3 ~ Math

Parents –
we have a pile of stuff in our lost & found – good stuff too – if your child (especially girls) are missing one earring or necklace/bracelet, or a watch, please have them check at the office.
recycling program will end on Friday. Please send your child's lunch in reusable containers and encourage them to bring home lunch items to recycle.