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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
by Bonnie Haley - Tuesday, 9 April 2013, 9:45 AM

Notice to all students that the large metal recycling bin and the pile of top soil at the front of the school is out of bounds.

Nice days are outside days. Students are to make your way outside as soon as the recess and lunch bell rings.

Friday is our first every Mini X class.  Friday will have an altered schedule to include a 5th block.  We're all looking forward to this new initiative!

Badminton Intramurals
starts today.  
Singles on Monday and Friday,
Today, the Gr. 6 Doubles play.
Gr. 7 Doubles Wednesday,
Gr. 8 Doubles Thursday.  

Please dress in gym strip, games start at 1:16.  If you did not sign up to play last week see Mr. Stewart today.

Badminton drop in is from 8 to 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.(until April 26)
Competitive badminton practice is today after school, from 3:15 to 4:30.  

Reminder to the grade 7-8 boys' rugby team of their practice after school today. See Mr. Stanchfield if you have any questions.

Girls Field Hockey players, practices are cancelled this week, please attend an important meeting today in room 222 at 11:23 recess to pick up your paper work.  Our first games are on Thursday! 

Grade 8 boys interested in playing hardball for Royal Oak please meet Miss Cottier in the Library on Thurs during Advisory to discuss practices and games"

Mountain Bikers, If you want to ride this Friday, April 12, please remember to sign up as soon as possible in Mr. Prescott's room.  Remember to indicate how you'll be getting out  to Hartland and how you're getting back.  If you haven't joined the Dump Jumpers and you want to join, then please see Mr. Prescott during one of the breaks.

There will be a
Musical Theatre rehearsal Wednesday in the Multi Purpose Room during Lunch Activity time. 
MUSICAL THEATRE DANCERS have rehearsal today at 1:16 on the stage.

Grade 8 Band Students please see Mr.Ziegler for a quick meeting during recess today.

Grade 6 Sectionals this week during Advisory:
Today, Trumpets and Trombones
Wednesday: Percussion and Bass Guitars
Thursday: Flutes

Jazz Band practice today at lunch.
Choir Practice on Thursday during lunch activity time.

Lost: girls pink watch, please turn into the office. Also missing: gray New Balance size 6 boys runners with a black N on the side and black laces. Left in the boys change room block 3 last Thursday. Please turn into the office if you find any items.

Gr 6 girls immunization on Wednesday morning and parent volunteers needed to help out serving juice/cookies, etc. Please contact Brenda immediately at romspacpresident@gmail.com if you can help.

Thank you to everyone who donated lawnmowers for our go-carts – we have enough supplies and look forward to some amazing go-carts!

Reminder the metal recycling is on until May 3rd.  Please continue to bring in your scrap metal to help raise funds for the band program.

Real Soil for Sale:  The Leadership and Athletic Leadership Students are selling our composted soil as a fund raiser to their leadership conference.  Bags of soil can be purchased for $10.  This is a result of all our composted  food waste coming back to us in the form of soil.  It completes the recycling circle.