Topic outline

  • ~Welcome to M8~

    Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Bouley

    Subjects: P.E., Math, Science, L.A. and Socials & 6-3: P.E.


    • ~Homework~


      ~15 minutes a night of Prodigy~ New assignments have been created!

      Hand in probability booklets and graphs from multiplication/division timed tests. 


      Presentations TOMORROW BLOCK 2 for M8 students and BLOCK 4 for our open-house.  

      Learning Commons booked for June 21st during Block 4 to share our projects! Please join us! Parents welcome! 2:08-3:08pm.



      June 21- Rock Painting (bring a small rock) AND Block 4 Genius Hour presentations in the LC for those that can attend

      June 24- Class Potluck (please email what you can contribute)

      June 26- Beaver Lake in the morning/Swimming at Commonwealth in the afternoon

      June 27- LAST DAY (Homeroom, Assembly, Report Cards, Dismissal 10:30am) *need yellow permission forms signed

    • ~Successful Work Habits~

      Part of being successful in Middle School is having the following work habits: 

      1. Student comes to class prepared with all the necessary resources and tools for that specific block (eg. check the board if your personal device is needed, bring a writing tool, books, binders etc...).

      2. Student is able to get started on lesson activities, reports, projects and homework assignments independently. Before asking for help, he/she has read through the assignment carefully and can demonstrate a first attempt. 

      3. Student is able to sustain a degree of focus during working blocks and work produced demonstrates a high level of attention to detail, effort and sense of pride. 

      4. Student is able to meet deadlines related to schoolwork and to adhere to schedules that have been set. If a deadline cannot be met, student speaks to the teacher at the start of the week (not the day the assignment is due).

      • ~Photos~

        Grandmother's For Africa

        May 7th: Grandmother For Africa's Presentation/Workshop (to find out more visit: